Living with a Preemie – Part 2

When we saw the hospital come into view I started to feel a little relief. I really did not know what was in store for us but just seeing the hospital made me think that everything was going to be fine. We parked the car and slowly made our way inside to the information desk. The secretary directed us up to the Labor and Delivery unit on the third floor. After quickly meeting with a few nurses we got our room assignment and tried to settle in. We didn’t get a chance to pack anything so we literally just had the clothing on our backs.

Sue got setup in her bed and they put the same stress test monitor on her that we saw at the specialists office. They turned the volume up on the machine and our little boy’s heart sounded like a horse galloping. Periodically nurses would come in, take Sue’s temperature and blood pressure and ask if either of us needed anything. This attention gave me even more piece of mind with how things were going to turn out. Everyone from doctors to nurses to food service provided amazing courtesy and compassion.

After one of the doctors came in and explained everything she observed we learned that our baby could be due any time from now until fourteen days from now. Talk about uncertainty. After saying my goodbye I drove home to be with our two boys. I was not ready to try and explain what is happening to the boys. So when I got home I was pleasantly surprised that Sue called and told them everything. I also learned that my grandmother called every church and monastery around the world to get Sue and the baby onto their prayer list.

A few days into Sue’s stay at the hospital I brought the boys down to visit with mommy. Being Mr. Mom for a few days gave me a great sense of accomplishment but I also gained a whole new respect for Sue, making meals, cleaning up, entertaining and the whole slew of other responsibilities with managing the house. The boys absorbed every minute with their mom and we had a great visit. I just wanted to bring her home with us but I knew with the uncertainty she had to be here until the baby came.

When we got home I got a big help from Sue’s mom who traveled down to lend a hand with the boys while I worked. I was completely relieved when I knew that I could get work done and did not have to worry that the boys were torturing the dog or scheming to do something harmful to each other. After a few days we made another trip down to visit mommy.

Throughout the week the tests and results stayed the same. It actually almost seemed like Sue might be coming home with all the positive things the doctors were saying about the baby. “Everything is looking great.” , “He’s doing really well”, “The baby looks in great shape.” were a few of the comments Sue would hear from the technicians and doctors. I started to think the baby might catch up in growth and come out with a semi normal birth weight. Sue and I would talk every few hours during the day to see if there was an update or to let the boys talk to mommy. She then surprised me with a call while I was working. “Hi honey, how are you feeling?”, she said to me. I replied with, “I’m doing OK, how are you?” She then took a breath and said, “They are going to take the baby today.”

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